Wednesday, September 20, 2006

To the MCA, the meaning of 'Nga Lan' is ' rotten teeth'

"Chew Mei Fun, where is my 'Nga Lan' ? "
This senior folk (pix on the top ) turned to his demolished home on Sg way Road 4, also known as Kg Micheal Chen or Huo Jie Xian (High Tension Wire Zone) , after asking this question which YB Chew has been avoiding these days.

He brought the reporters and DAP PJ Action Team members to his broken home for one ' last look'. The poor man has been living here for almost half a decade. He regreted for trusting the MCA. He said the residents here should not have turned the DAP away when the party has came to offer help. It's all too late now.

Loh Chee Ming (pix at the bottom) ,42, also lost his home on this Merdeka Day without any compensation. He too has trusted Chew to help. But now, he was being kicked around by MCA and MPPJ (now MBPJ) officers like a "human ball". He has not received the letter of offer for a low-cost unit with the rightful compensation just because his house was wrongly marked ( with a same number as his neigbour) by MPPJ officers. That was not his fault. (Note: We will bring him along when we weet the new Mayor of MBPJ this Friday. See if the new Mayor can clear the mess created by the MCA reps in PJ.)

PJ Utara MP Chew Mei Fun has promised them that they will be given land titles immediately after the 2004 general elections on the condition that they must return her as an MP for another term. But Chew was already fully aware at that point of time that the entire Kg Micheal Chen was given to Taipan Focus for redevelpment under the Zero Squatters Policy 2005. I have with me a document, which Chew has put down her signature, as an evidence.

In fact, Chew and Dr Wong have appeared together with the developer as early as 2002, in a meet the residents session held at a local Chinese temple, on the issue of redevelopment. They may (or may not) know that I was there throughout the meeting that night!

I have informed all the 141 house-owners here about the 'ugly truth' but most of the residents here have chosen to believe Chew. Majority of them have voted for Chew, thinking that she would not lied to them.

Others who have made similar promise include Dr Wong Sai Hou ( state assemblyman of Kg Tunku) . Both Chew and dr Wong issued a joint letter on 17 March 2004, just a few days before the polling, plus a supporting letter choped and signed with a remark by the Selangor MB Dr Khir Toyo. This letter, plus the verbal promise and open statement in the press made by the two ( and also the weekly meeting with the residents) have convinced many residents here to vote for them.

The other person who has given false hope and empty promise to them was none other than the MCA President Ong Ka Ting. At a mass dinner held in 2002 here, he openly told the residents that their homes would not be demolished and individual land titles were in the process. He too told the residents not to believe in DAP leaders, and MCA will be able to help. Needless to say, his words did carry some weight at that time. But not anymore. Because the residents in Sg way finally realised that 'Nga Lan' to the MCA could only mean 'bad teeth'.

Chew and Wong have now gone hiding now that the houses were demolished, finally. I was told that many of the second or third families have yet to be alloted with a low-cost unit.

So, where is the 'Nga Lan', YB Chew ?

( The MCA State Assemblyman for Damansara Utama C.K.Lim also screwed up 'big time' in his constituency. More than 40 second and third families from Kg Cempaka(demolished last year) have yet to be alloted with low-cost units. They were stucked at the Kota Damansara temporary flats. And more than five families living in Kg Damansara Dalam were denied their rightful homes and they have reasons to believe that their units were taken but C.K Lim's right hand man illegally. They have made police reports with the PJ Police some months back. And the police have yet to act, as usual)

Note: 'Nga Lan' , land title, could also mean ' bad teeth'.


Blogger Billy said...

Chew Mei Fun has always been known to me as the "longkang pointing" MP. Come the next GE, you will still see her doing the same. There will be tons of pictures of her in the press showing her pointing at some clogged drains in some parts of PJ. Now with this "nga lan" issue, it appears her longkang pointing days may be over.

5:38 PM  
Blogger khunsean said...


People must realise that supporting a party or any party from BN is suicidal.When a party in BN are not sincere even yesterday yet the people still think that the partty or parties will be sincere tomorrow.People must wake up...DAP PJ especially must strategies and come up with strong statement or branding a "caption" that people will remember even till the eve of any election day.That way people will not be fool again and again.

11:42 PM  

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