Friday, September 22, 2006

My first impression of the new Mayor of MBPJ

I have met the new Mayor of MBPJ for the first time this morning together with Lau Weng San ( PJ Action Team chairman) and Thomas Goh (Treasurer) at his office. He has kept the tradition of seeing resdients of Petaling Jaya on every Friday.

He appears friendly and warm with the DAP PJ delegation and nice to all the villagers who came along with us.

He listens to our complaints and suggestions carefully and in fact promises to resolve the mess created by the local MCA elected reps within a month.

In the meeting, we have brought to his attention about the mishandling of squatters problems on the part of MCA elected reps and the flaws and weaknesses of the Zero Squatter Policy in general, and a number of specific issues, namely:

1. Insufficient low-cost units for villagers from Kg Damansara Dalam, Kg Cempaka and Kg Micheal Chen (of Sg Way).
2. Status of housing alternatives for second,third and fourth families, especially for Kg Cempaka (about 40 families) and Kg Micheal Chen, Sg way.
2.Investigation into units taken by outsiders (Kg Damansara Dalam, where several police reports were made by some villagers two months ago)
3. Abandoned Balairaya project in Kg Tunku ( initaited by Dr Wong Sai Hau, SA of Kg Tunku).
4.Abandoned Service Centre building related to Dr Wong Sai Hau ( right in front of Paramount LRT station).

PRO Zainun Zakaria was also in the meeting.


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