Friday, September 29, 2006

Comments on " Unstated BN policy- no more new Chi/Tamil schools"

My statement entitled "Unstated BN policy- No more new Chinese/ Tamil schools" was published by and it has attracted two 2 comments so far .

I find the second comment in particular contains some highly relevant points and full of optimism. And certain proposed ideas were controversial but certainly mind-provoking.What do you think?


Don'tPlayGod said...
I have also heard from MCA friends that the MCA had agreed to UMNO's order that no new Chinese schools would be built more that 25 years ago! One can see that is true as no Chinese schools have been built for the last 35 years!

Just take a look at K.L/P.J. where the population has increased by lelaps and bounds, and so many housing areas have sprung up. UMNO's wish is that mother-tongue education is to be eventually removed in time.

Education is something that is very close to the hearts and minds of the Chinese. So MCA, please stop saying that you represent the Chinese community.
Friday, September 29, 2006 12:16:59 AM

Cinama said...
Education is the basic rights of a citizen. Responsible Government must provide it.

I am an advocator of "Muhibbah" and Bangsa Malaysia. I believed in "Unity in Diversity".

Imagine the Chinese in Malaysia attracting investors from China, exporting to China thru common bond. The Indian attracting FDI from India and selling to India e.g. Samy Velu (though an ass-hole) can get construction project from India under B.O.T. The Melayu can attract oil money from the Middle East and other muslim countries. Exporting Islamic banking, halal food and turn Malaysia into an Islamic Hub.

Negara Malaysia will be the envy of the Universe and the exchange rate will be RM1.00 = S$2.345.

The World scenario have changed. I think we should built more SRJK(c) and SRJK (t) and religious school for Muslim. At secondary level, all should integrated into a single SMK. The University should then accept students based on merit.

Common university entrance examination and no more matriculation for Melayu and STPM for non-Malay etc. No more discrimination. Maybe you can have just one university(govt funded) strictly for Melayu and see if there is a demand for their graduates.

LKY is RIGHT. The non- Melayu, although Malaysian, are marginalised and discriminated. This should be STOPPED.

RPK, You are right, the UMNO General Assembly (according to The Star) will be postponed until the next General Election.If the UMNO General Assembly were to be held, I am sure AAB will receive a NO CONFIDENT vote and ousted.

If the GE is held within the next six months, BN will be wiped off. If I have to, I will voted for a monkey instead of BN.
Friday, September 29, 2006 10:23:44 AM


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